“My super shy baby Lacey got in the car and said “I love my music class. Please I go again”. Thanks Lauren and Julie x”

— Nicki P

“We had our first lesson with Julie today. My daughter is 10 months and had an absolute blast. This is exactly what we have been looking for. Julie’s understanding of children’s cognitive development makes these classes so age appropriate, educational, fun AND relaxing for us as parents. I sighed in relief when Julie said ‘you don’t have to run around after her, she can just listen and join in when she wants’. Of course, she wanted to be part of everything because it was so incredibly engaging. I have not been able to find anything like this anywhere near me so we are going to make the 40minute trek to Sounds Like This each week. Absolutely AMAZING. I’m already counting down until we can go back!”

— Co-bie Liz

“We’ve been taking our daughter to classes before she could crawl, let alone walk or talk! Watching her development over the terms has been amazing! She absolutely loves classes, they’re certainly the highlight of our week! The tools I’ve learnt and use constantly at home have been exceptional! How many 1 year olds do you know who pack up their toys unprompted and sing the tidying up tune whilst they do it? I love the way the reasoning behind each activity is given and explained in terms of your developing little person! Julie and Karis have been wonderful teachers and we’ll continue to go to Sounds Like This as long as we possibly can! My husband and I are both teachers and can absolutely agree a musical foundation to kick start your child’s education is so beneficial! We hope one day our daughter’s interest leads her to learning to play an instrument. There’s no doubt who we’ll be turning to for private lessons! Can’t rate Sounds Like This for Kids highly enough!”

— Jay P

“I can highly recommend Julie, her team and their classes to anyone. My two boys (3yo and 1yo) love going to music every week. They constantly sing the songs at home which ends up being a family sing-a-long regularly! I love how I have been able to see my boys develop and get involved more and more as they have grown. Thank you Sounds Like This for a friendly environment and enjoyable sessions (which I sometimes think I get more out of than the kids! Ha ha!). x”

— Amy D

“My son and I absolutely love going to the classes. The wonderful Julie kept the children entertained at his first birthday, ages ranging from 3 months to 10 years . My husband can always tell when it’s music day as I start to sing everything! 

Would recommend Sounds Like This for Kids to everyone and anyone XO”

— Teresa K

“Seeing how much my little miss has come out of her shell in the last few weeks has been an amazing experience. She has now started “singing” more in the car and when she’s being worn on my back and around the house. She also has started trying to do the actions when I sing the songs to her at home.”

— Katrina M

“Absolutely fantastic! My son attended his first session this morning and LOVED it! It’s fun for both the kids and the grown ups who accompany them. Julie is so friendly and welcoming.”

— Aimee E

“Awesome fun for the littlies and parents. Julie is just a sweetheart and my ten month old really loves his Friday music class X”

— Amy O

“What a fantastic program for children. My son went today for his first session and loved it – as did I. Thank you Julie! We cannot wait for his next class!”

— Megan P

“Our two toddlers, now 15 months and 2.5 yrs, absolutely adore singing each week.

I chanced upon Sounds Like This, reading the post office notice board when we moved last year. I am so glad we did.

Hearing my youngest sing before she talks is amazing. But that’s just bonus. The best thing about each week is seeing the smiles and excitement on the faces of all in the room, babies, kids, adults alike. Not forgetting the instructors!

You can’t go past these classes! There are no unrealistic expectations; the classes are relaxed, and distractions kept to a minimum with each activity being tidied away as we go along. The children explore in such an open and inviting way, with no force. The focus truly is on active listening, listening to tone and rhythm and doing our best to emulate. Actually, I like to think my singing has improved too hehe.

We have so much fun each week, both at class and singing at home.

Thank you so much ladies. Xxx”

— Kelly – Rae F

“Great music class for babies – my 9mo girl doesn’t stop smiling the whole time! And I always feel very welcomed and enjoying going myself too.”

— Anna M

“My girls and I adore this class! Always so fun and I find we often sing the songs at home too. We are lucky to have found such a great activity.”

— Kate T

“Great music classes for babies and toddlers alike!”

— Michelle L

“I would recommend Julie and this class to everyone, she is fabulous and the environment is friendly, relaxed and very child centric. It’s my little boys favourite activity.”

— Claire F

“It’s a great learning experience with the beautiful Julie. Very relaxed and interactive classes. Would highly recommend to all parents to give it a go…it’s just great.”

— Arti P

“My son Hamish absolutely loves his time in Julie’s classes. He has started singing and dancing so much more since joining. We can’t wait to get back into it in 2015!”

— Kylie R

“This is a great program for kids. Julie’s a fantastic, happy, talented teacher, my daughter adores her & the classes!!!”

— Melanie M

“Can’t recommend highly enough! Great educational, fun, fabulous classes! Get along to see for yourselves!”

“Going to music at sounds like this for kids with my 1 year old daughter is the highlight of my week. I love watching her enjoy the different activities & songs. I have learnt a lot of new songs to sing and different ways to engage my girls in music at home.”

— Meghan M

“Just a joy to come to these classes. It’s the highlight of our week.”

— Sophie B

“Its a wonderful music class that i can highly recommend!! Julie makes music fun!!”

— Siobhan M

“Thank you to Julie and Lauren and all the beautiful music makers. My son and I have been attending class for the last 18mths and look forward every week to singing and having fun. It has been so joyful watching my son bring the music home and break into song whenever he is happy.”

— Barbara M


“When people ask me to recommend good music teachers, there are only two names that come to mind: Julie Murray and John Lewis at ‘Sounds Like This’.

Julie served as my daughter’s music theory tutor during VCE Music. Julie helped fill in critical gaps in my daughter’s knowledge, including important topics sadly overlooked by the school. Things that my daughter struggled with suddenly made sense to her. As a result, my daughter was fully prepared for everything the final exam dished up, and achieved an outstanding exam score.

My daughter has also had seven years (so far) of drum lessons with John. Over that time, I have watched her grow from a beginner to an extremely proficient drummer, attaining a skill level I didn’t know she could reach. Her technique, feel and ability astound me at times. And I attribute that to John’s teaching. She loves every lesson, and looks forward to each, wondering what John has in store for her next.

Julie and John have several things in common: a deep passion for music and teaching, a knack for making complex concepts easier to understand, a natural talent for building rapport with students, a sense of humour, and they’re both gifted musicians.
Speaking as a parent, musician and part-time guitar teacher, I would unequivocally recommend you give ‘Sounds Like This’ a try!”

— David Leading