Grow, play and create together through music-making

Use play, music, joy, creativity and curiosity to connect with your child through our online music sessions.

Brain Changing + Bond Building + Heart Growing 

Join our brain-changing online music sessions made specifically for parents and your little ones.

Our membership for Children’s Online Music Sessions is a monthly subscription where you’ll have access to hundreds of hours of music education videos, with new sessions being added to our library each week.  

We designed these sessions for parents who want to connect and teach their children through play and music-making in a flexible setting. We create videos to suit children aged 0 to 10 years.  

Find videos to play and bond with your little love whenever, wherever (as long as you have wi-fi).  Starting from just $24 AUD you and your little one gain access to brain-changing resources to use for years to come.

Who is Sounds Like This?

We’re music educators on a mission to empower parents with the skills and inspiration to bring music back into learning and bring play back into homes.

Scientific research shows that music education and active music-making benefits a child’s developing and growing brain enormously.


Hello, there! I’m Julie Murray, Sounds Like This Owner & Educator and mum of two boys, Alex and Leo. I spent more than a decade as a music teacher and now, I share my knowledge with other parents through Sounds Like This.

I aim to support you and provide resources to help build on your beautiful bond with your child. Because I believe you are your child’s best teacher and that you’re dedicated to making their childhood full of magic and wonder. 

I’m so happy you’re here and I can’t wait to make music together!