5 Books You Can Sing to Your Kids

Let’s face it, there are some books that your kids love that you feel like hiding at the back of the shelf. Sometimes though, mixing it up by singing the story instead of reading it can be enough to get you through another rendition! Here’s our top 5 books that you can sing to your kids when you have read it so many times it’s at risk of getting “lost”.

Where is the Green Sheep? By Mem Fox

Do you already know this one off by heart? What you might not know is that each “Where is the green sheep” just cries out to be sung instead of read. Experiment with your genre and see what your child likes best. May we suggest an operatic solo for those times when a few deep breathes are needed to wake you up to start the day (or calm you down at the end of it!)

Room on the Broom. By Julia Donaldson

This one is a bit longer than your average picture book so if it is on high rotation, it may be time to keep things interesting by turning it into a song. The rhyming language means you can not go wrong-the words will keep the beat and you just choose your notes. Your child is almost guaranteed to love any way that you sing this! Because there are a few different characters in this one, you can even experiment with different characterisations to take your storytelling to the next level.

Any type of alphabet book

You know this one already. It’s as easy as A-B-C! Experimenting with the tempo can take these books all the way to bedtime; when sung in a soothing, calming way the humble alphabet can be very relaxing. This one gets extra points as when you take turns singing the letters with your little one, you’re giving them a head start in recognising the order of the alphabet.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. By Helen Oxenbury

This one is fun (seriously!) Once you learn how to sing this story you will find yourself using it in the backyard, at the park and even venturing up your hallway with your kids. It encourages exaggerated movements as you walk through tall “grass”, pick your way through “mud” and finally run back home to bed! Again, it uses repetitive language so maybe a simpler story for your kids to learn too, allowing them to join in with you.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

There are many versions of this as lots of clever people decided to take a classic nursery rhyme and turn it into a storybook. The advantage of this is that you probably already know the tune so you can fudge your way through any additional lyrics that the author may have added in there. Needless to say, this is the perfect choice for those rainy days when you are stuck indoors all day.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to popular books you may already own. Take another look at that bookshelf and see what other songs are hiding in there!

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