How singing is the easiest form of self-care for mums and dads

In our busy lives, it is easy to be seduced by the idea of all the self-love marketing tactics. We see ads for mascara telling us parents that we are “worth it” and we use our precious ‘me time’ for an express mani-pedi while mentally running through our to-do list. Of course, adornment and maintenance can all be a part of taking care of our bodies but it is certainly not the be all and end all when it comes to self-care. The best type of self-care is when looking after our body, mind and spirit align and we walk away feeling fulfilled, refreshed and with a more relaxed attitude towards life!

It goes without saying that here at Sounds Like This, our favourite self-love activity requires no additional props or resources. Everything you already have is everything you need. Here’s our 3 favourite ways that singing can help you feel on top of the world.

Benefits to your physical health

Think you have to hit the gym to get exercise? Not so! Singing is actually a wonderful way to breathe in loads of additional oxygen which can increase aerobic capacity. Plus, your lungs and diaphragm get a good work out too as your project your voice. Furthermore, your posture can improve as you naturally move your body to create more space for your lungs and core.

Still not convinced that singing can improve your physical health? Well if you live with someone who experiences low quality sleep it might be time to engage them in a duet before bed. Singing can strengthen the palate and throat muscles which can decrease sleep disruptors like snoring and sleep apnea. What’s not to love?

Look after your mental health

Singing makes you feel good. It may seem obvious but have you ever thought of just why you feel amazing after singing along to your favourite song? It’s because singing is known to release endorphins-that happy brain chemical we could all do with a bit more of! And before you start thinking that your quality of the singing is not good enough to make those around you happy, think again. Pleasure, regardless of what the singing sounds like, is the result of the singing frequencies impacting our sacculus. This tiny ear organ responds immediately to any kind of singing with zero judgement of pitch, tone, volume or harmony!

Singing can also lower the amount of cortisol in your bloodstream while releasing overall muscle tension. That’s why singing in the car can make a long commute that much more enjoyable.

The social benefits

When you come to a class with Sounds Like This or any group music session, you have the opportunity to meet new people, form connections and improve your social life. As you sing in front of other people your confidence builds, you bond through a shared experience and all those feel-good chemicals signal to your mind and body that this type of experience is one to be repeated.

Immersing yourself and your children in different styles of music can also open up brand new experiences. Perhaps you discover you love jazz and decide to spend next Saturday night at a cool little jazz club in the city. You may join a choir, start going to live gigs again or even dig out those old CDs and reminisce with your partner about those good old, pre-kid days!

How to do it

Just sing. It’s as simple as that. Take a deep breath, open your mouth and let that music out. Your body, mind and soul with thank you for it.

If you’d like to find out all about the benefits of singing firsthand, why not join us with your little one at one of our group classes? Bookings via the booking page.