Nervous about starting music lessons for your kids? Fear that they may require your mini maestro to know his or her Do, Re, Mi from their Fa, Sol, La, Ti? Our group music lessons for kids are designed specifically to bring out the joy of music. We take play-based learning to the next level! In addition to focusing on joy, there are also many opportunities in our music lessons for kids to gain musical knowledge. We believe that when kids are playing, kids are learning.

What to expect

In our mixed age group sessions, we provide a relaxed and informal setting to ensure that parents and kids all feel as comfortable as possible. Our venue for the group music lessons for kids is the Karingal Place Neighbourhood Centre-with a park next door and café across the road it is perfectly placed to enjoy a morning with your little one. The room is set up before arrival with cushions on the floor; when you arrive, simply take a seat and wait for the magic to begin!

As we move through a series of songs and activities, your child (and their carer) will have the opportunity to:

 Join in on the songs (or not!
 Move around the room
 Contribute to call and response songs (again, or not!)
 Play alongside each other
 Experience a range of musical instruments

We remove all expectation of how the children will use this time to explore all the elements of
music, singing and play that we introduce. Our only guideline is maintaining the safety or each
individual in the room. This means that if your child wishes to hold 7 shaker eggs instead of 2, their choice will be embraced and celebrated.

Why do we choose to deliver relaxed music lessons for kids?

We believe that play based learning offers challenges that will extend a child’s problems solving skills in a supportive environment that respects the whole child. We invite the child to play, however the greatest learning takes place when participation is freely chosen. Focusing on the process allows our music lessons to unfold in a way that responds to the needs of each individual child in the class. If your child wishes to beat a drum enthusiastically than our teacher will skilfully respond to that movement with a song about thunder before gently softening her voice to encourage a change in tempo. The learning takes place so naturally that sometimes it is only upon reflection that the adults in the room realise what has occurred!

Will music lessons suit my kids of different ages?

Our mixed aged group lessons are a wonderful way for siblings to enjoy an activity together. It can be a challenge to find something suitable for a toddler and a pre-schooler however because our classes use play, varying skill levels and attention spans are all catered to. A note on siblings: A reluctant participant can often be encouraged to join in when they have a sibling in the room- especially one who is younger and perhaps still in the pre-verbal stage. The older child may be tight lipped when prompted to sing their name as part of a song however they will announce their sibling’s name on their behalf loudly and proudly seconds later! Using this role of big brother or big sister can be a wonderful way to foster all that emerging confidence.

We offer a free trial lesson so please feel free to come and try out our music classes at a time that suits you. We hope to see you and your little one soon!

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