Self Limiting Beliefs

If I were to ask you to sing me a song right this second, what would you do?

My money is on a nervous giggle, followed by your hands flying up to cover your mouth and an emphatic “NO! I can’t sing!”

Now, what if I was to ask you to drive around the block? Make a cup of tea? Tell me your favourite line from a novel or touch your nose 10 times?

We do all these things without thinking about the fact that once upon a time, we had no idea how to. Driving, physical coordination and reading are all skills that we have had to learn over time. And guess what, my friend? Singing is a skill that you can learn too!

So, what’s stopping you from breaking out into song (outside of your car or shower)?

Is it the voice of your grade 2 music teacher in your head telling you to just mime the words at the school Christmas concert? Is it the memory of your little sister telling you that you must be tone-deaf as you happily sang along to Gangster’s Paradise? Or perhaps it’s recalling the first time you heard a recording of your voice played back to you and you suddenly felt vulnerable, insecure and embarrassed.

Sadly, the messages we hear from people around us, as a child, often becomes our own inner narrative as adults.

We stop ourselves from jogging around a park because we tell ourselves we’re not a runner. That we’re too uncoordinated, too slow, too unfit.

We stop painting for pleasure for fear that it’s just a waste of time because we suck at it. No one likes it, it’s cringy, weird.

We stop ourselves from launching our dream business because our story tells us we are not the sort of people who make big successes of ourselves. Business is for other people, smart people, organised people.

And, we stop ourselves from singing – a simple pleasure that can bring so much joy into our day-because of that lifelong self-limiting mindset we’re carrying around with us.


Turn down the volume of that noise in your head. Open your mouth and let the sound out. You CAN sing. You can sing for the joy of singing. You can sing to watch your child’s eyes light up. You can sing to remember your grocery list. You can sing to experience those big, deep, incredible gulps of air that help you to feel on top of the world!

I’m not telling you that you’re Taylor Swift but I am telling you, in her words, can you just stop. Stop telling yourself that you cannot sing. You can!

How to sing a song (in 5 easy steps):

  1. Start small. Or start big! A karaoke night or coming along to one of our classes. It’s up to you!

  2. Feel the music in your belly.

  3. Hum, sway, dance until your song is romancing your vocal cords and willing you to let it out

  4. Open mouth.

  5. Sing.

I know you can do it. I see you.

I watch you gathered around birthday cakes and stopped at traffic lights. I watch you walking in time with the music coming through your headphones. I hear your whispering lullabies to your sweet baby in the supermarket checkout line.

Let’s start a revolution. One where we stop listening to all that critical self-talk and start listening to the song in our hearts. Imagine if we all sang a little more. What would your world look like?

Let it out.

Let it go.

Let me hear you sing.

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