Take Home Songs – Detta Detta

One of our favourite pentatonic songs from class.: Detta Detta.

Are you thinking ‘“What in the world does ‘pentatonic’ mean?” Well… it means we use the first, second, third, fifth and sixth notes of a major scale, or in Kodály (pronounced Co-Die) speak;
Do, Re, Mi, So and La. Leaving out the other notes. Pentatonic scales are used extensively in folk and classical music, but also form the basis for heaps of modern patterns that much of our pop, rock, funk, even metal songs are written in, and the pentatonic is just a side step away from the blues scale and a host of other rad tonal concepts that make up a rich tapestry of pitched musical patterns. In terms of musical development it is handy dandy to be able to hear.

Detta Detta is a charming Japanese folk song. If you sing it slower it may be used as a lullaby. As soon as you hear it, you’ll notice that the patten is very similar to other songs you may have heard from across Asia. It is not just western culture that’s pentatonic obsessed.

In Sounds Like This classes you’ll hear many pentatonic songs as well songs that when combined, make up the pentatonic patterns. Songs with just Do, Re, Mi and So, La, Mi. That means even if you’re not a comfortable or confident singer, we can step you through and support your listening, oral and aural development at the same time as the children.

I can not tell you the number of times that surprised and delighted parents have told us “Hey, I’m getting better at singing!”

Head here for the video.

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