You Asked, We Answered. FAQ about our music sessions.

We get lots of questions from people regarding our music sessions-and we understand why! Trying something new for the first time can be an overwhelming prospect for both carers and children, especially if you have committed to an activity in the past only to find out it wasn’t a good match. We hope that by answering some common questions, we can put your mind at ease and give you the confidence to give our music classes a go.

Does my child have to sit still?

In short, NO!

We believe that children learn best when given the freedom to move, sit, stand, roll, crouch and jump. We not only anticipate kids will move around the room during the class, we encourage it. As a carer our impulse is often to stop children from running in for a closer look or checking out what’s in the basket behind the teacher but please rest assured that it’s all a very healthy part of natural curiosity. As long as no one in the room is at risk of hurting themselves or another person then this is a safe space to be a kid! Our classes often start in a circle and end in a gorgeous arrangement of children sitting on laps, kids laying on cushions on the floor, mums and toddlers sitting back to back, babies breastfeeding and toddlers smiling.

Where are the classes held?

Our group sessions are run from Frankston South Community and Recreation Centre on Towerhill Road, Frankston South. We chose this community hub as their rooms offer just the right amount of space for us to stretch out on the carpet while maintaining an intimate setting conducive to the creation of our little musical wonderland.

Our one-on-one classes are conducted in our studio rooms in Frankston. Designed specifically for this type of music session, these calm spaces are quiet and free from distractions.

Interested in our intergenerational classes? Come on down to Village Baxter. We use the community room in the retirement village for the comfort of both residents and families alike.

What’s involved in a group music class?

Our classes are tailored to the various ages and stages of our participants but the common threads with all our classes are that children and their carers (when in attendance) will get the opportunity to:

  • Sing!

  • Engage in music and movement experiences

  • Experiment with familiar and new musical instruments

  • Bond with each other

  • Watch other children participate in music making

  • Play instruments alongside other kids

  • Take turns or participate spontaneously in songs

  • Be exposed to new lullabies, fingerplays, stories and songs

Our focus is on fostering a love of music in a relaxed and playful atmosphere so that the fun can follow you home to be enjoyed all week long!

When should I start my child in music lessons?

Immersing your child in music is something you can do from the day they are born. In fact, you can share your love of music with them even before they are born! Our music classes, which are suitable for all ages, are different to instrument lessons. Our music classes have an emphasis on experimentation, enjoyment, freedom of expression and building a foundation in all those skills in recognising pitch, tone and beat when making music.

Instrumental learning has a focus on learning the skills necessary in playing that particular instrument as well as continuing to develop sturdy foundations in musicianship. We believe that children are typically ready for this style of learning from around 7 years old, and would be happy to conduct an assessment lesson and discuss your child’s readiness, should you be interested.

Where do I find the current timetable?

Here’s a handy dandy link.

Are there places available in my chosen class?

The fastest way to check is to head here to our bookings page. Anything that is still open has availabilities. If your selected class is not listed, or is booked out, or you have any other questions, of course please feel free to get in touch.

Where are the Village Baxter classes held and how often?

Our beautiful intergenerational sessions are held monthly at Village Baxter’s – Village Manor, Frankston South. Entry is via Gate 2 on Robinsons Road. Parking is available on site directly opposite the building. There is also an additional carpark just past the Village Manor building.
Please see our booking page for currently listed event dates.

Please sing out!

As always, feel free to get in touch and clarify anything that’s on your mind. We are always happy to help and make the transition in to our music sessions as easy as possible for both you and your children. See you there!

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Hi there, can Axel and i come next wed for a look/see at 1030 thankyou