Your HOW TO Guide for Choosing the Right Setting for Your Child

Choosing music classes is a little like choosing the perfect school. Just because a music class is near you, doesn’t mean that it will be the perfect match for you and your child. There’s plenty of factors to take into account so we’ve compiled a list to help if you’ve ever found yourself wondering “What should I be looking for apart from whether the music class is near me or not?”

Experienced and accomplished teachers

This may seem obvious but when seeking out a music class or tutoring, you’ll want to be sure that the teacher is willing and able to tune in to your child’s needs. Look for teachers who invest in their own professional development and craft. Teachers, that not only have the education, skills and experience you are looking for but the enthusiasm and genuine love for teaching that is impossible to fake. Here at Sounds Like This, we offer trial sessions so you can be sure that our playful, relaxed, brain growing sessions are a good match for you and your child.

Class times that suit your child’s routine

Tired toddlers or rushed parents may not be in the best state of mind to enjoy all the music making fun that music classes can offer. Choose a time that fits in with your routine and gives you a bit of a buffer at either side so you can be fully present. Sounds Like This offers a range of class times and days to deliver flexible options for busy families.

Flexible delivery

Through our many years of experience delivering music classes (in addition to our own parenting journey) we have come to learn that when it comes to kids, flexibility can save the day! When researching music classes nearby, take a look at their expectations of the child. Although some structure can keep the class running smoothly, rigid rules can steal the joy for children and parents alike.

Wider philosophy

Are you looking for a music class that will entertain your child for an hour a week? Or are you looking for a class that will foster development using music, teach you music skills to use at home and is underpinned by a firm knowledge of how music can impact a child’s brain? If it’s the latter, then Sounds Like This is the place for you!

Gut instinct

There’s a lot to be said for the way an environment or person can make us feel. If you feel confident and relaxed during a class then your child will reciprocate with their own relaxed attitude. At Sounds Like This, we emphasis play in all our classes. We play with sounds, with instruments and with each other! Listen to your instincts and you will most likely know if a class is suited to you and your child.

If you’re after specific information about all of the classes we have on offer, please contact us.

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