Babies Group Music Class | Saturdays


These sweet parent-child music classes will have you swaying and singing in no time!


Music making is known to light up all areas of your child’s brain and can do wonders for their early childhood development (we’re talking language, social, emotional, physical…!). These classes provide opportunities to help you gain understanding of how music making can benefit you and your child.

They’ll help you to engage, and connect with and calm your precious poppet through the wonders of organic and simple music making.

These baby music classes will help your little one thrive in EVERY area of their life.

These classes are limited to a maximum of 10 children, so you’ll never feel lost in a crowd.

Come and play on Saturdays in Frankston South!

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Term bookings

Investment: $176 ($22 per session) 
Duration: 35 minutes for 8 weeks | from 7 May – 25 June
Classes:  Saturdays in Frankston South at 10:30am
Location: Frankston South Community and Recreation Centre | 55 Towerhill Road, Frankston South

Please note: Price has been adjusted to reflect the remaining sessions for this term. 

Coronavirus Guidelines

Please ensure the participant is well prior to arrival. Unwell persons are not permitted within the sessions. 

Under the Victorian Government’s Coronavirus rules Sounds Like This is required to check that all customers over the age of 18 years are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or have a valid medical exemption, before they enter the premises.  Please provide your COVID-19 digital certificate via the Service Victoria app, or eligible proof of vaccination exemption upon entering our sessions. Non vaccinated adults will not be permitted within the sessions.

We acknowledge that this situation is ever changing and will comply with up to date measures should they change. In the event that this means Sounds Like This would not run sessions as scheduled, clients will be funded the balance of tuition. Please note sessions will not be refunded if the client or family is required to isolate.