Big Kids Percussion Play | Saturdays | SIBLING BOOKING


Part music lesson. Part social learning. ALL fun.

Our Big Kids Percussion group is for children aged 7-10 years old (unaccompanied) who have shown a deeper interest in music. 

PLEASE NOTE: This discounted sibling enrolment is only valid with at least one full-fee enrolment within the same music-making session. 

These sessions are for kids who are tuneful and artful and who know when to take turns. During these sessions your child will have a greater say in the music making process. 

Our percussion-based jamming isn’t just about building their musicality. It’s about social and dynamic learning and confidence building. 

Most importantly, it’s about FUN.

Sounds Like This provides neurologically informed, hands-on and inclusive music making education for children. Our whole person approach to learning starts when they are very little to set them and their grown-up up for a lifetime of positive learning.

These classes are limited to a maximum of 10 children, so they’ll never feel lost in a crowd.

This class works back to back with the Big Kids Percussion. If you are booking your child for both sessions on the same day please use the discount code: BRAINFOOD and receive 10% off each class.

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At Sounds Like This we pride ourselves on working with the children as they are.

Children will be welcomed to participate but never forced or pushed. This Big Kids class is perfect for children to participate and grow together through active music making and games. Just imagine the best school music class possible, except even more fun and with lots of drums.

These nurturing hands-on sessions are run by Julie Murray; a highly trained early childhood music educator.

These percussion sessions are the perfect introduction to instrumental and ensemble playing. Featuring rhymes, songs, props, fine and gross movement activities, children will learn to read notated music (if you’re not sure if your child is ready for musical literacy please contact us, we’re very happy to discuss it), play tuned and untuned percussion, work together as a band, play and sing parts in unison and as groups.

All children will be provided with their own set of chime bars to bring to class each week.

This class works back to back with the Big Kids Sessions. If you are booking your child for both sessions on the same day please use the discount code: BRAINFOOD and receive 10% off each class.

Term bookings

Investment: $176 ($22 per session) $112 ($14 per session) + $35 Chime Bars = Total: $147
Duration: 30 minutes for 8 weeks | Saturday 7 May – Saturday 25 June
Time: Saturdays | 11:50am – 12:20pm
Location: Frankston South Community and Recreation Centre | 55 Towerhill Road, Frankston South

Please note: Price has been adjusted to reflect the remaining sessions for this term. 


Coronavirus Guidelines

Please ensure the participant is well prior to arrival. Unwell persons are not permitted within the sessions. 

Under the Victorian Government’s Coronavirus rules Sounds Like This is required to check that all customers over the age of 18 years are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or have a valid medical exemption, before they enter the premises.  Please provide your COVID-19 digital certificate via the Service Victoria app, or eligible proof of vaccination exemption upon entering our sessions. Non vaccinated adults will not be permitted within the sessions.

We acknowledge that this situation is ever changing and will comply with up to date measures should they change. In the event that this means Sounds Like This would not run sessions as scheduled, clients will be funded the balance of tuition. Please note sessions will not be refunded if the client or family is required to isolate.  


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