Music Making Made Easy – Professional Development for Early Years Educator


Sounds Like This is on a mission to empower teachers with the skills to bring music back into learning.

Scientific research shows that music education and active music-making can benefit a child’s developing and growing brain enormously.

In this Professional Development, we take the guesswork out of music-making and make reporting and assessments so easy with our ‘done for you’ links to the Early Years Learning Framework.

After spending more than a decade as a music educator, and working directly with early years educators within their settings I know early learning educators are busy people! This program is specifically designed to lighten the planning and compliance administrative load so you’ll spend more time with your children.

Use play, music, joy, creativity and curiosity to connect with your children in your early learning setting today and give your children the very best chance of becoming life-long lovers of learning.


What’s included in this program? 

🎶  44 videos demonstrating quality early learning musical examples through songs and rhymes to support educators and supercharge organic music-making in your early learning setting

🎶  Additional explainer videos to each of the 44 example videos, providing clear insights to ensure successful delivery of this game-changing program. You’ll not only learn the songs and rhymes but discover how to teach using them for each age group

🎶  Direct links to key learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

🎶  Video examples of how to scaffold the same songs to use and reuse as your students grow and develop.

🎶  Accompanying guide to ensure:
Your environment is setting up for success
Educators look after their vocal health
Handy Lyrics in One Place

🎶  Easy access to your whole centre.
With a single purchase, you’ll gain lifetime unlimited access to share with your entire centre. You can work together and support each other. Content is accessed easily through a Google Drive folder, so you can deep dive in or drip-feed each staff member’s musical education as it suits, revisiting time and time again.

🎶  When you teach through music your children develop:
– Intelectual skills
– Analysis and pattern recognition skills
– Fine and Gross Motor skills
– Language skills
– Literacy skills
– Social-emotional skills

🎶  This course is perfect for you if:
You teach children aged 0-8 years old
You’re looking for safe access to professional development for your whole centre
You’d appreciate more tools to incorporate music-making incidentally into everyday activities
You’re a believer in whole brain and whole-body learning
You want to spend more time in the classroom have fun and facilitating learning and less time on paperwork
You want the tools to set your classroom up for success without having to purchase additional props

Need more information? Let’s dive deeper. 


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