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HEART GROWINGCurrently providing quality online sessions for you to stream at your convenience. In person classes are currently suspended due to Covid-19. To join the music-making fun now, join us online.

Sounds Like This focusses on educating the whole person.

You might be surprised to learn that first and foremost, our sessions are for the parents.
By up-skilling, supporting and empowering parents, children thrive. Instead of a child’s musical education being limited to a session with us, the music making continues at home, everyday. Musical play becomes part of their lives and builds on the parent-child bond.

Sounds Like This sessions are informed by gentle parenting techniques, a fundamental belief that music education and brain development through music education is a human right and should not be exclusively for the wealthy, and this Kodály philosophy:

“1. A well-trained ear
2. A well-trained intelligence
3. A well-trained heart
4. A well-trained hand
All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium.”

– Zoltan Kodály


The short answer is “these are music classes for young children”. The long answer and the much bigger picture that drives our whole reason for being is: “we’re changing brains”.

A child’s first seven years are absolutely critical for brain development. It’s when their brain grows and trims connections depending on stimulation. The phrase “use it or loose it” is bang on for growing brains.

We’re changing brains for the better in so many ways. Not just “Can your child learn to sing in tune?” or “Can they move their body to the beat?” or “Can they tap out a rhythm?” …
We’re changing the way their brain actually grows. The way it processes information.


It changes the way your child will think, for the rest of their lives. It matters.
Every choice they make. Every time they solve a problem. Every time they interact with another person. Every time they use their intellectual, spacial, environmental or emotional intelligence. It matters for the next 80+ years.

Sounds Like This runs these music making classes because we truly believe that together we can change the world for the better, one child at a time. By respecting and nurturing their creativity, filling their bodies, minds and hearts with music.


Expect to sit on the floor, free of devices, singing and playing with your child. These classes are as much, if not more for the benefit of parents. You are your child’s best teacher.
We provide immersive classes filled with beautiful percussive instruments, puppets and sensory items for your child to engage and explore.
For more detail on specific class activities and our current timetable please see below.

Meet your teacher

Julie Murray, BMus

Hello, I’m Julie. I am a mum of two boys. I have a passion for teaching young people, I adore their creativity, sense of wonder and absolutely believe in play and exploration as the best basis for early learning. I look forward to providing you and your family with more tools to feel confident to bring music making into your own home. I believe that YOU are your child’s best teacher and I aim to support your connected parenting and to provide an environment to build on your beautiful bond with your child.

I began formal music lessons on the flute at age eight after my parents could no longer ignore my relentless recorder playing. Little did they know that they would soon be moving the couch to make way for a piano.
I have a Bachelor of Music from the Melba Conservatorium, where I was awarded the John Tallis Bursary (scholarship). I’ve had the privilege of performing on the world’s stage as a flutist and the joy of large and small ensemble and solo work within Australia. I have been a private music educator since 2003 and have since studied Kodály (pronounced Koh-Die) based music programs and philosophy specifically for young children and early learning.

To deliver Kodály and neurologically informed early learning classes I have been accredited as a First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege teacher through the acclaimed Feierabend Association for Music Education, and had the inspiring experience of learning from Dr John Feierabend himself.

Personally, I love mini outdoor adventures exploring with my family, making home movies, spontaneous music making and dancing in the kitchen, growing food on my suburban block, watching my boys make new discoveries and savouring strong coffee. I love to play!


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