Sounds Like This At Your Kinder or Childcare



Incursions are available as one off sessions,
a series for a few weeks or the term,
or as an on-going regular program within your centre.

Music is great for children’s brains! Scientific research shows that music education and active music making benefits a child’s developing and growing brain enormously. Physically changing the way the brain grows during a child’s first few years, music enables people to process a host of functions better and faster as children and later in life. Making music as a child significantly increases their capacity more broadly for life-long learning.

The Sounds Like This program strives to inspire a lifelong love of learning
and a lifelong love of music.

Our interactive classes, which are specifically designed for children aged 0 – 8 years, are fun and engaging.  We incorporate numerous learning opportunities for the development of all key intelligences for young children, while also teaching their educators songs, rhymes and games to encourage interaction and play, in your centre beyond our sessions.

Sounds Like This early development classes are play based and follow the Kodály philosophy that  “Only the best is good enough for children”. With this approach in mind and with input from a brains trust of early childhood educators, movement specialists, speech pathologists, other musicians and our own expertise, we have shaped our unique music making sessions.

We are able to provide you with quality educational incursions to suit the needs of the children in your centre, either as a one off class, or as an ongoing arrangement.

Sounds Like This is a small private business. Our owner, Julie Murray, has a Bachelor of Music, has been a music teacher for more than a decade, is a mother of two and has undertaken extensive training in music education for young children through KMEIA (Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia). She is an accredited First Steps in Music educator, through the Feierabend Association. The Sounds Like This curriculum and teachers are constantly being invested in, as is our understanding of how the brain works when making music. We are not a big corporation, we are a small group of people dedicated to education, community building and connected music making. This work is our passion.

For more information about how the Sounds Like This program easily integrates with the ELYF and to receive an incursion information pack please contact us.