Music Classes for Toddlers (and Bubs!)

Come for the music making. Stay for the bond building, brain changing fun.

Our Mixed Juniors music making sessions suit children from 0 to 4 years old — perfect for only children to bond with parents AND for siblings to learn together.

This is a music making space that encourages kids to be kids. 

Have a shy little barnacle? It’s totally fine for them to hang back and observe. 

Is your poppet prone to going off like a frog in a sock? What fun! Can we join in? We have a bunch of frog songs to share!

We hold no unrealistic expectations here and there’s certainly no “right” way for children to participate. Every teenie tiny part of the Sounds Like This experience is developmentally informed, so breathe easy knowing your little one is perfect as they are.

We create a comfy environment that welcomes all, however you and your child want to show up.

Based in southeast Melbourne, our toddler music classes are:

  • Inclusive & adaptable to welcome ALL kids
  • Educational but play based
  • Most importantly, FUN!

Where and when?

Our in-person classes are running for 8 weeks from 4 May.

Wednesdays at Spare Parts Arts Space in Mornington with Lauren

9:30 – Mixed Juniors 0-4 years

10:15 – Kinders 3-5 years

11:00 – Babies 0-18 months

Saturdays at Frankston South Community Centre with Julie

9:00 – Mixed Juniors 0-4 years

9:45 – Kinders 3-5 years

10:30 – Babies 0-18 months

11:15 – Big Kids 5-10 years

11:50 – Big Kids Percussion 7-10 years

How much?$22 for parent and child, plus +$14 per sibling, up to 4 years old

PSST! Infants and pre-walkers are very welcome, as are preschoolers. But if you’re looking for something more age specific, check out our baby music classes and children’s music classes (5-10 years old). 


These music classes for toddlers change the way young brains grow (in all kinds of good ways!)

Our Mixed Juniors sessions are filled with bouncing, lap songs, lullabies, instrumental exploration, sensory and finger play. 

We build confident little music lovers who are immersed in active music making; learning about rhythm, pitch, tempo, and melody without even knowing it. 

But we also plan our sessions with early childhood development in mind. Yep, what looks like “just song and dance” is actually helping your child’s social, language, emotional, and physical development (and so much more!)

Plus all our parent-child classes strive to educate YOU as much as your children, so you can take the music making magic home with you.

These classes have been a godsend for both of my completely different children. My first was quiet and reserved and it gave him the space to engage when he felt right and my second is boisterous and can run, jump, dance around without a care while participating in his own way. Julie is an incredible wealth of knowledge of both music and early childhood development and these classes are a no brainer for anyone wanting something meaningful yet super fun for their kids (and themselves!)” – Katrina Sands

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