Toddler Music Classes



These in person classes are currently suspended due to Covid-19. To join the music-making fun now, join us online.

Toddler music classes: Our parent-child classes for 0 to 4-year-olds are the perfect setting for individuals or sibling groups to learn together. Filled with bouncing, lap songs, lullabies, instrumental exploration, sensory and finger play, your toddler will love all the interaction and noisy fun. Infants and pre-walkers are very welcome, as are pre-schoolers. All of our parent-child classes strive to educate the adults as much as the children, so you can take the music making at home with you!

40 minute classes
$19 parent and child
+ $12 per sibling, up to 4 years

Our toddler music classes run in alignment with the school terms from our convenient Frankston location.

For toddlers, music can soothe, excite, entertain and delight. When your child becomes a toddler music maker though, they will experience cognitive benefits that support their early development. Here’s 5 easy ways to enjoy toddler music activities at home in between classes with Sounds Like This:

1. Pot and a wooden spoon

Before you cover your ears and never speak to us again, remember that simply hitting a pot with a spoon encourages your little toddler music maker to sporadically keep time. If you are feeling brave, grab your own pot and imitate what your toddler is doing- watch their delight as you copy their rhythm and help them to feel like they are to be running the show!

2. Finger plays and hand motions

Despite wanting to join in with singing a song, often the language is not quite there for toddlers to sing along. This is where joining in by doing the actions encourages enjoyment and participation while their verbal skills develop behind the scenes. Singing songs such as Twinkle-Twinkle, Insy-Wincy or Open, Shut Them role models finger movements to your toddler as you sing. Before you know it, the link between the two will become clear for them and you may even find a few song requests coming your way by little fingers twinkling in your face!

3. Outdoor music

If the idea of the spoon and pot is a bit too much for you to handle at the moment (or if you have a sleeping newborn in the next room) then outdoor music may be just what you are looking for. Many parks have a musical element built in that is perfect for your little toddler music lover! Grab a pram and go exploring.  

4. Using bells while dancing

Got a natural dancer in your toddler? Why not enhance the experience by adding some bells into the mix? There are many kinds of bells that a toddler can enjoy, however for dancing, wearing the bells on their ankles and wrists frees up their hands for all the movement they will want to be experiencing. While their body responded to the beat, the bells respond to their movement and a lovely feedback-synergy takes place. Feeling that mid-afternoon slump? Kick off your shoes and show them how it’s done! Dancing can enhance your mood and give you that energy boost you may be needing.

5. Introduce a range of music into your home

Perhaps the most important element to encouraging a love of music in your toddler is introducing him or her to a wide range of music genres. Watch the way they respond to classical music versus a pop song. See if they seem to prefer a particular musical over all others. Share with them songs from when you were a kid and let them witness your own joy in singing along. In the car, at the dinner table, while doing chores; all opportunities to expose your child to another musical experience.

Here at Sounds Like This, we love watching toddlers experiment and grow their love of music during our music sessions. We also love to watch the confidence grow in their greatest teacher… you!