Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Sounds Like This Children’s Music Classes (in person)
Terms of Service

Please ensure that you arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time of your scheduled class to minimise disruption to running classes.

With consideration of others whom may have allergy issues, no food is to be brought into our classes at any time.
Hot beverages pose a safety risk and we ask that you do not bring them into class.
Water is welcome. Breast and bottle feeding is always welcome.

If your child is unwell we ask that you please do not bring them to class. Sounds Like This classes are a welcoming and safe space for families with young children. Please be considerate of families around you and their possible differing needs. Please note aggression and violence will not be tolerated. 

Please understand that many children need to move their bodies to think. While we encourage all to join in with our prescribed group activity, we acknowledge this basic developmental truth. We ask that you respect this also. 

In the event that you do not attend your child/ren’s lesson on the prescribed day you will not be entitled to a refund or make up class. Make up classes are not necessarily available and should not be assumed. Up to 2 make up sessions per term, may be offered if you inform the presenters in advance of the missed lesson, and if a place is available in another already scheduled class.

Sounds Like This reserves the right to cancel classes ongoing where there are insufficient children enrolled in the program or a teacher is not available. Refunds for remaining term classes will apply.

In the event of your teacher being unable to attend a scheduled class, an alternate teacher may be brought in. Failing this, a refund for that class will apply. 

Refunds will not be granted for any reasons other than Sounds Like This cancelling classes, once the term has commenced.

Discounts will not be applied retrospectively. If you wish to use a Sounds Like This coupon please contact us through this website or via email: info@soundslikethis.net before booking your class. 

Sounds Like This Private Tuition Terms will be provided at your first lesson with your tutor.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss.