Why Choose Sounds Like This?

Our Brain-Changing, Child-First Approach to Early Development Music Making

Sounds Like This music classes for kids aren’t what they first seem. 

On the surface, you see parents and children with big smiles on their dials. You hear pot-banging and rattle-shaking. There are wiggles and giggles and many happy little Vegemites.

Yet each class is grounded in musical and early childhood development theories so that every activity is brain changing, bond building and heart growing.

At Sounds Like This, we are life-long learners. We’ll adapt our kids’ musical programs to follow our best understanding of neuro-research and approach all of our teachings with a people first approach. 

Brain Changing

We know little explorers up to 7 years old are experiencing big changes in their brains. 

Their malleable noggins are forging new pathways and building important connections. 

After 7ish, the brain growth slows down A LOT. So what you nurture now sets the stage for the rest of their lives.

Our musical activities for kids are about making sure the brain is growing to be the BEST it can be (because music activates SO many parts of the brain simultaneously). 

We integrate activities that encourage beautiful neural development to ensure your child’s brain is set to thrive.

Child First

Your child’s daily experiences have the biggest impact on their cognitive development.

That’s why in our musical programs, we focus on soft skills to help children learn important social and communication skills. 

We create safe spaces and fun activities that help children gain the courage to hold their own. Because nothing makes us more joyful than seeing children:

  • Advocate their ideas
  • Lead a group
  • Own their space
  • Learn turn-taking
  • Be socially included

We Make Music to Build Connection…

Music making creates a beautiful sense of bonding and belonging between children and their parents or guardians, their educators, and their communities.

And when your little ankle-biter feels a sense of belonging, they have the perfect conditions for a productive and effective learning environment.

Sounds Like This looks at the WHOLE community. We make sure parents and educators alike feel empowered and supported to spend more time nourishing their children.

We create safe and respectful spaces to learn, be, and THRIVE.

Through Structured, Strategic Lessons Grounded in Strong Musical Theory…

At Sounds Like This, we believe EVERY person has the potential to become musical, especially when their musicality is nurtured in early childhood.

But we don’t preach music theory from the get-go. 

Actually, we know we’ve done a good job when we see your children turning into confident, joyful lovers of music who are learning about rhythm, pitch, tempo, and melody without even knowing it.

“A well-trained ear
A well-trained intelligence
A well-trained heart
A well-trained hand

All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium.”

– Zoltán Kodály

Sounds Like This takes an immersive approach to music making in childhood. 

First, we teach our little poppets to love music. To know music. To breathe it. From a young age, this musical immersion wires their brain so that they quickly catch on when they learn musical theory or wrap their hands around an instrument later in life.

We plan our kids music programs in a way that helps us scaffold learning so children grow and develop naturally.

Using Child-Based Play…

Kids are clever little humans. They learn through the natural course of play throughout the day. We take that innate behaviour and make it a central part of their early musical education.

Nothing is more beautiful than seeing people create freely through an unencumbered sense of self and self-acceptance.

In our children’s music programs, we encourage:

  • Child-led exploration
  • Spontaneity
  • Imagination
  • Free self-expression
  • FUN!

It’s not about the outcome. We nurture every child in their own time, meeting them where they are and encouraging their contribution.

Meet the Music Maker

Julie Murray
Head Music Maker

Julie is the highly experienced brain-obsessed Head Music Maker and owner of Sounds Like This. Her music making journey started at 7 with a recorder. It went with her EVERYWHERE! She tooted it in the house, she tooted it in the bath, she tooted it in the toilet, and she played it A LOT in her backyard. (Very little has changed. She still makes music in a little office in her backyard!)

Since that first moment tooting that little beige Yamaha, Julie began a deep exploration of music and music making. She began formal music lessons on the flute at age eight and soon added piano to the repertoire too. 

Growing up in an ACDC and Pink Floyd filled home, Julie’s mother was quite baffled when Bach and Mozart were added to the record collection. But she was stoked to see Julie charming the local market-goers out of their loose change as she worked her magic busking.

In 2000 Julie performed as part of the Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremony, then, in 2001, to thousands during the Beijing University Games. She has since worked in orchestras, large scale concert bands, chamber ensembles, and also as a soloist.

After completing her Bachelor of Music at the Melba Conservatorium in 2006, the Melba hired Julie to run their lesson and concert programs, feeding her desire to one day open her own music school.

Nothing gives Julie greater pleasure than the twinkly-eyed ‘ah ha’ moments when something clicks in her little charge’s brain and they just GET it!

Now, Julie’s obsessed with the impact music can have on a child’s growing brain and has created Sounds Like This to support you with resources to help build on your beautiful bond with your child.

Bachelor of Music from the Melba Conservatorium

Plays: the flute, clarinet, and piano, and sings A LOT!

Private music educator to over 1000 children since 2003

Loves: Bass guitar riffs, 60s soul, and 70s funk.

Feierabend-accredited teacher in First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege

Inspired by: Zoltan Kodály, Dr John Feierabend and the collated research of Dr Anita Collins

With a Little Help from Our Friends 

Clever humans providing expertise, and guidence to Sounds Like This

Jo Harris – Play Therapist, and experienced Kindergarten Teacher 
Madeline Wright – Paediatric Occupational Therapist
Liza Andraczke – Kindergym Coach, specialising in early childhood movement and development
Chrissy Davies – Chaos to Calm, Childhood Behavioural Consultant and Parent Educator

Kind Words

“Each of my children have gained so much from Julie’s classes. The reason that we continue to return to Sounds Like This is because Julie offers something that isn’t offered anywhere else. And that’s that kids can be kids in her classes.

Whatever level of participation that a child is ready to give is met with complete acceptance and is valued wholeheartedly. And this is what leads the kids in Julie’s classes to be so authentically engaged!

Sounds Like This is truly a place where the real, intrinsic, and authentic love of music has the best chance to blossom!”

Anita Bruns

“I have attended many of Julie’s sessions with my granddaughter and I can highly recommend her program.

I have taught classroom music to primary school students for many years and I love the way she engages the children with her extensive repertoire of songs as well as her many instruments, books and other resources. She has a wonderful rapport with her students and also the adults who accompany them.

My granddaughter has developed many fundamental skills as well as a passion for music that I’m sure will last. Thanks Julie.”

Maree Frisby

“These classes have been a godsend for both of my completely different children.

My first was quiet and reserved and it gave him the space to engage when he felt right and my second is boisterous and can run, jump, dance around without a care while participating in his own way.

Julie is an incredible wealth of knowledge of both music and early childhood development and these classes are a no brainer for anyone wanting something meaningful yet super fun for their kids (and themselves!)”

Katrina Sands

“Julie’s classes have been a ray of light in this time.

They bring new energy into our home and family. One night my daughter went outside and sang to the stars. She was completely lost in the moment – her heart song connecting to the world around her.

It was so beautiful to see.”

Dusk Linley

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