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Welcome to Sounds Like This

Welcome to Sounds Like This! If you’re looking for hands-on musical experiences that change the way young brains grow, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s make music together.

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Grow, play and create together through music-making at home!

Join our brain-changing online music sessions made specifically for parents and your little ones (aged 0-9 years).

Our membership for Children’s Online Music Sessions is a monthly subscription where you’ll have access to 100s of hours of online music-making sessions, through our growing library.

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We designed these sessions for parents who want to connect and teach their children through play and music-making in a flexible setting. Find videos to play and bond with your little love whenever, where-ever.

What people are saying?

“My daughter asks me every day, ‘is it music today?’ She loves every moment and utterly adores Julie, and I love the education I receive along the way about how to use music at home and why it’s so very important. I can not recommend Sounds Like This and Julie enough!”
— Melissa Casley

“Julie’s classes have been a ray of light in this time. They bring new energy into our home and family. One night my daughter went outside and sang to the stars. She was completely lost in the moment – her heart song connecting to the world around her. It was so beautiful to see. ”
— Dusk Linley

“Finding Julie and her online classes have been an absolute blessing. She is extremely knowledgeable about how early music intervention plays a significant role in language acquisition, social and emotional literacy, and overall positive wellbeing in our children. If you want to know how to help your little one thrive join Sounds Like This and see how fun and educational her music classes are!”
— Sara Otero

A list of brain changing ways music making can supercharge the brain

Music has a powerful way of growing young minds from birth

You already know that babies’ and children’s brains are constantly changing and growing.
And when you sing, dance and make music with them, you create an environment where their brain health, play, sense of curiosity, risk-taking and creativity are cherished, nurtured and encouraged.

Not to mention all the scientific research that shows just how good music is for children’s brains.

For example, through exposure to nursery rhymes, children naturally learn how to put vowels, consonants, words and sentences together. This is because they provide opportunities for:
– Repetition
– Expression
– Broadening vocabularies

When adults and children create sounds to explore, children learn to lead and use their imaginations. After all, “Creativity is intelligence having fun!” – Albert Einstein.

This is the Sounds Like This way of learning. And it’s backed scientific evidence.

“Music learning increases our executive functions, especially the ability to pay attention and not get distracted, and these are the brain functions that have been found to increase intelligence and academic achievement.” Dege’, F., et al (2011).
Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

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About Sounds Like This

At Sounds Like This, our mission is to empower teachers and parents with the skills to bring music back into learning. Scientific research shows that music education and active music-making benefits a child’s developing and growing brain enormously.

My name is Julie Murray and after spending more than a decade as a music teacher, I decided to bring my knowledge to other educators as well as parents through Sounds Like This. I’m so happy you’re here and I can’t wait to make music together!